About AJ

AJ Watson was born and raised in the Australian gold rush town of Ballarat. He loves the quiet atmosphere of a country town mixed with many of the services of a big city. AJ dislikes large cities as they feel sterile and oppressive. Ballarat is more laid back and greenery flows down every street. Plus his family and friends are nearby, which is important to him and AJ couldn't imagine moving far from them or his martial arts coach.

He has wandered through careers as glamorous as Security Guard and IT Consultant but always maintained a healthy desire to see fantasy worlds come to life. In his writing this desire can be somewhat achieved. Writing is relaxing as well as a great outlet for a constantly thinking mind. A love of games and tactics certainly helps bolster his stories.

AJ's status as a martial arts instructor and medieval re-enactment contributor offer insight into combat that he can share with his readers for a more authentic feel. Having accidentally set himself on fire offers insight into elemental magic as well (he's better now).

Martial arts is a massive factor in AJ's life and he would be a completely different person without it. The skills and self analysis are critical components to sport and life, and AJ sees it as a duty to share it with others, especially if he can see them struggling.

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