This species is composed entirely of organic metal, making them unique among all other encountered races. Their entire body houses memories and knowledge, much of which is genetically passed on to children and accessible as they mature. Asgarh society has no need of finances considering they simply grow whatever they need from the planet itself. They absorb metals for food and consider unprocessed ore as a sweet delicacy. When an Asgarh dies on their planet Home, their bodies seep into the planet to be recycled. Funerals consist of a ceremony where the accumulated knowledge is extracted into their family members before the body is placed on the ground for absorption. Once the memories are extracted the remains are considered an empty husk suitable for re-use.

Every Asgarh is given a task based on their abilities and desires. Society is broken into a caste-based system the Asgarh call Mouldings. The Leadership Moulding makes decisions for the community and can be seen as the government. Other Mouldings are too numerous to fully list, however they include Defense, Research, Labour, Mining and Construction.


The Asgarh are inquisitive experimenters and love investigating any mystery. Their scientists mainly research the forces of the universe beyond the mere physical. They test the metaphysical links between elementalists and their power, though are no closer to understanding the Elemental Source than anyone else. With their planet lacking any metaphysical ties it makes a perfect "clean room" for their experiments and research. The Asgarh essentially investigate the science of the metaphysical world in an attempt to explain, harness and defend against it.

They are a highly intelligent species thanks to the collective memories of the dead spreading to family, and their dedication to logic and science. Their difficulty in speaking to other races puts them at a disadvantage in interations and they often seem cold. This detachment does serve to enhance their composure under pressure as they obtain all relevant information prior to action.

Physical Appearance:

All Asgarh measure exactly 2 metres tall down to the nanometre. Their three body sections however differ in height, though maintain set proportions. The head looks like a smooth multifaceted helmet with long points reaching various heights. There are no eyes or orifices, instead facial features are contingent on the angles of the facets and the pattern their points make are similar to a skyline. The head section can vary between 40cm and 80cm, but always at exact whole numbers.

The torso is more pitted and cut at multiple sections that can be used for storage or as crude tools. The torso ranges from 60cm to 80cm, again in whole numbers.

The three legs are in a tripodal arrangement normally with two legs towards the front. The Asgarh can twist their hips 90 degrees in either direction for significant mobility. Their seven-toed feet are quite spongy and share some traits with molluscs. The tripod layout allows for substantial stability and is hinged so the torso can be lowered practically to the ground between all three legs. The leg length is normally the same as the torso.

The Asgarh tripodal legs allows for incredible agility over any surface, easily scaling any vertical wall with at least a few protrusions to clasp. Their metallic bodies are difficult to penetrate and many projectiles simply cause dents. Asgarh body composition is as varied as there are metals on the periodic table of elements, and their alloys. At a basic level they are divided into ferrous metals (iron based) and non-ferrous. As they are composed of metal, the Asgarh takes on the characteristics of that metal such as being magnetic, high melting points, density, anti-corrosion etc. These properties mark the Asgarh as ideal for certain tasks, along with their memories.

Outcasts and Champions:

Asgargh outcasts have a serious flaw during their birth. Just like metalwork can produce piles of slag, under or overheated parts and tangled messes, Asgarh can be born deformed. The are generally suited to more menial duties and swept away behind the scenes in the Labour moulding. Instead of the normally perfect formed, polished and sharp edged Asgarh, these people are deformed, pock marked and rough. They lack mobility due to uneven limbs but contain an impressive strength unseen in their normal brethren. What they lack in mental abilities they gain in shrugging off copious damage.

Two things generally mark an Asgarh as a Champion: their three body sections are exactly the same height; and their memories/family history are significant to the race. This usually means champion status is passed along family lines though any scientific or social advancement made by an Asgarh can propel them upward.

Interspecies Relations:

Asgarh speech sounds akin to metal scraping against itself. The various tones can be learned by other races but not emulated, and vice versa. This creates an inelegant conversation where nuance is often lost. As such Asgarh have difficulty interacting with those not of their kind and often prefer to remain silent, allowing actions to speak volumes. They do share conversations via translation devices with allies. Korana are treated as distant cousins considering similar ties to their planet and humans are treated with disdain for their waste of minerals. The Zirguth are avoided as much as possible considering a simple handshake could melt precious memories away.

While the Vigaj share a thirst for knowledge, they care more about how it will influence evolution. The Asgarh care about understanding the why of everything. The two often share interesting conversations, but the Asgarh tend to find their focus on personal advancement gets in the way of the science. Expected heated discussions when an Asgarh crosses paths with a Vigaj.

Most other AFS members are treated equally.

Land and Resources:

The Asgarh are renowned for their pure metals, minerals and gems gathered either from their homeworld or from the various moons and uninhabited planets of their solar system. Their magnetic shielding is a greatly held secret, even to the AFS, that is always installed and maintained by an Asgarh engineer.

Religious Beliefs:

If anything can be counted as a religion for the Asgarh it would be scientific investigation. Nothing can sway them from sound logic and evidence. They find the concept of a belief system foolish and nothing more than a good story. Though if provided with scientifically accurate evidence to the contrary, the Asgarh will be more than happy to evaluate, dissect and confirm the research.

Naming Conventions:

Asgarh names are unpronounceable to the majority of other races. A close approximation is accepted only among friends. The Asgarh provide a recording to visitors that need to ask for them by name. The following are a rough selection of common names that a handful of S.I.N operatives have gained the honour of using. Remember these names sound like clicks and grinding metal and all effort should be made to replicate that.

Xl'tck'let'chyta, Wktl'tchay'fl, Pfn'tng'an'liki'kly, Rl'yech'kli'tik'vej, Alfn'seql'cnd'jre

Enlisting Reasons:

Scientific exploration. The Asgarh will explore any and all angles in the pursuit of facts. Anything they don't understand needs investigation, and possibly the creation of a new Moulding dedicated to that research. They will enlist as a means to study the unknown.

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