This is a matriarchal society that sees men in the more subservient roles. Only females are allowed the honour of combat and leadership. Men are best utilised in areas of physical labour, intricate works and raising children while the women focus on warfare and tending to society's needs. They are ruled by the Imperatrix, with the current Icadeya being the 407th granted the honour of wearing the robe. They come from the planet Ethed, a neighbouring planet of the Shareal home world. Unfortunately it was destroyed in the assault from the Vaq. They have relocated to the Virginis system on a planet they dubbed Eth, a shortened name to signify their diminished state.


Ethedow have a serious outlook on life that goes to the point of being too serious. They will often say something very funny given the situation (often in times of great peril) but as they don’t have a sense of humour they won’t know what everyone else is laughing about. Their honour guides everything in a system that passingly resembles bushido on earth. For females honour is tied with family and the greater community. For males honour is more personal and usually demands perfection in their work. The male Ethedow are some of the finest craftsment in the known universe, but also some of the slowest.

Ethedow are highly in tune with their surroundings and have a strong will, however their serious exterior often makes others uncomfortable. The Ethedow fighting style taught throughout their entire schooling career is based on speed, stealth and avoiding damage. As such they lack conditioning for taking blows. Their honour system ensures they maintain dignity and composure under pressure.

Physical Appearance:

Ethedow range in height from 175cm to 226cm and weigh from 70-185kgs. They resemble muscular humans (whilst still being lean) with smooth sapphire skin and a hairless head. Their emerald eyes miss nothing within their gaze. Their battle attire resembles a knee length dress sporting a low-cut V that has articulated plates of armour but made out of a very sturdy fabric called conjulon. As it is obtained from slug-like creatures called conju worms that only grow on Ethed, it is now extremely rare and the Ethedow have the only supply (which is starting to run quite low). This is their racial armour and no Ethedow will wear any other for as long as they live, and even after death.
As it is no longer possible to supply all Ethedow with this armour they have had to modify the possession rules. Now only Ethedow that have accomplished something for the good of society can acquire one. As such Ethedow are very strict with their armour and if any Ethedow has their armour stolen they will relentlessly hunt all involved in its theft (probably with the help of her 200+ friends). Ethedow will never sell their armour, as it is a symbol of pride. Those without the honour of conjulon armour wear a kevlar dress of similar style, though it only covers half the thighs. Males wear whatever clothing is appropriate to their work.

Racial Abilities:

Ethedow are naturally attuned to the Psychic Element and pick up its techniques more readily than other races. They have improved night vision mainly from the night lasting 40% longer than most days due to their orbit. The Ethedow genes allow healing at over three times the normal human rate.

Outcasts and Champions:

Outcast Ethedow have had it tough. They were lacking smarts from the time they were born and were always picked on because of it. They focused on the physical side of things to compensate and as such have become stronger and tougher. They are still treated unfairly and taken advantage of from their lack of wits, and often get frustrated at their lack of ability. Something in their genetics makes the Psychic Element harder to tap into, though with effort they can attain an average mastery akin to other races.

Champion Ethedow were gifted at birth. They had all the breaks in life, got the best education and possibly had high-powered parents. They usually gravitate towards scientific careers but are equally adept at physical ones. Their increased bulk slows them down but can shrug off damage that would incapacitate lesser Ethedow. Their constant training has allowed for greater control of their body, and with focus they can channel their healing to a specific body area. They make fantastic Battle-Mistresses.

Interspecies Relations:

Ethedow get along with most races except the Shareal. They distrust them, don’t agree with their views on women and will look for fights with them for any reason at every opportunity. This conflict however is more like a friendly rivalry rather than open hatred. Battles have rarely ended in death or permanent injury. You best have a strong leader if you want an Ethedow and a Shareal in the same squad.

Lands and resources:

Ethedow live on Virginis Centi and have mainly agricultural regions, with their cities favouring stone brick huts. They produce food and warriors for the war effort. A Battle-Mistress leads a Praesidium, the collective units for a functional defence force, and answers directly to the Imperatrix who commands the entire Ethedow Praesidia. Bellators lead smaller bands of between 10 and 100 Battle-Sisters within a Praesidium.

Religious Beliefs:

If anything, Ethedow treat personal honour akin to religion and find the concept of a higher power unnatural. However, if they travel extensively in other societies they can be intrigued by any religion and begin to worship purely to understand their allies. They are not inclined to be a strict devout because they can’t see the point of devoting their life to the service of an unseen entity. There are always exceptions of course.

Naming Conventions:

Female names include Aglara, Ceresti, Delvinia, Effeni, Galia, Liana, Merryn, Sienta, Silferna, and Vienia. 

Male names include Agleri, Cereskon, Deklon, Effon, Gal, Lio, Mernoh, Sein, Silfa, and Vieniad.

Enlisting Reasons:

Will enlist for any reason but curiosity to see the universe and proving honour are highest among them.

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