Humans are an eclectic race. We have had many varying political outlooks over the centuries and never seem to agree on anything. This has all changed in the last few decades and finally we are (mostly) globally agreeing on our fate. Thanks to our remote position in relation to the enemy we were able to hold onto our native planet unscathed and as such went about helping our friends in the AFS to relocate near us for combined defence.


We see the universe as our birthright to explore. We are still arrogant enough to believe we will one day become the greatest species in all creation, especially the military. Not everyone feels this way but mostly we take what we want and do what we want. Some believe this is probably why the war exists in the first place.

Physical Appearance:

Do you really need me to tell you what a human looks like?

Outcasts and Champions:

As a race we see weakness and stupidity as two major flaws of a person, thus outcasts have them both. They tend to be the dregs of society and don't fit in anywhere. Some are homeless, others are junkies or obese though these traits do not dictate outcast status. Behaviour is the key indicator and those that shut themselves away from people are often considered an outcast.

Our champions are generally either a sporting hero, popular actor or a genius entrepreneur. Basically anyone that inspires others are seen as champions.

Interspecies Relations:

We get along with all races in the AFS, however we are cautious around some of them. The Korana and Tolani are apprehensive toward us from our past destruction of our natural habitat. This creates some uneasiness when dealing with them. We are seen as ignorant children in the eyes of the Reica, though that can be said for several other races too. Some people believe humans are only accepted into the AFS becuase of our galactic isolation, and others strive to prove our usefulness.

Lands and resources:

We live on Earth and provide food, troops, and minerals for the war effort, as well as a safe haven.

Religious Beliefs:

Many. All religions still exist to some extent so choose one. Atheist is considered a religion, as is not caring. Lovely universe we live in isn’t it?

Naming Conventions:

In the past few decades a form of leetspeak has filtered into human names so we end up with H3l3n and J@ks0n, to the chagrin of many. All other human names are still prevalent.

Enlisting Reasons:

Wealth, power, exploration, relieve boredom, patriotism. You name it.

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