The Korana are a tribal race, they select their leaders on merit and skill rather than birthright. They live close to the land, which they worship as a deity. Their home world of Kora was taken over in the war. When they realised they we overpowered the Korana abandoned the planet instead of fighting, to preserve the planet's natural harmony and so they could one day return. Even with the distance from their home they still feel its influence.


The Korana see all life a precious and will defend it against any invaders. They see themselves as the defenders of nature and life. Any species that blatantly destroy life is seen akin to a plague and must be eradicated. They see the Vaq as an abomination that must be cleansed. Humans are on the borderline but seen as less vile than the Vaq. Other than that they are pretty easy going and calm. They don’t understand vehicles, mechanical weapons, or most technology. They will use as little as possible, preferring to ignore it.

Korana live outdoors and get extensive exercise that toughens and strengthens them. They are used to dealing with nature, not people, and thus don’t have great social graces. While they understand nature, which has set responses, they lack understanding of unnatural and social things and as such don’t react quickly to the unknown. Korana are normally quite composed unless they see mistreatment of life or nature.

Physical Appearance:

The Korana stand around 270cm tall and have long slender bodies. Their arms are elongated and reach down to their knees. They are muscular, lean, and have some external sinews, especially around the neck. Their skin colour starts as green on the outer extremities and shades into a brown at the centre. They have a stern look and dress mainly in loincloths even in extreme environments. Many have taken to wearing robes over the top in an effort to ease the discomfort of other species. Their eyes are white pools of liquid that ripple every few seconds as if blinking. No female Korana has ever been seen by other races and it is rumoured that they don’t exist. They weigh around 150 to 180 kilograms.

Racial Abilities:

Korana are exclusively tied to the Earth Element, and are all highly skilled in its use. All other elements confuse them and at best a Korana can dabble in one or two Effects from another element but never become a practitioner. Due to the unusual physiology of their eyes, Korana always perceive Elemental Energy, making it easier to track or defend against assault. They can withstand extremes of temperature with no ill effect. Temperatures between 1oC and 50oC are considered comfortable.

Korana understand bows, sling shots, blowguns etc as these are created from natural items. However, pistols, SMG’s, rail guns etc are processed and unnatural, so they don’t understand the need or function. With dedicated focus a Korana can utilise technology however only the most basic function. They are all trained in hand-to-hand combat, so combined with their elemental affinity can be quite potent infiltrators.

Outcasts and Champions:

The Korana don't alienate or single out those with greater or lesser abilities. All Korana are a part of nature and serve it in a specific way. Korana Outcasts have been chosen by nature to help via intelligence. They don’t have the natural physical being of other Korana nor have a great control of the Earth Element, but they make up for it in natural smarts. While they are considered weak in the eyes of the other Korana they realise the use for them in the natural order and accept them as tacticians and diplomats.

Champions are hardy even for Korana standards. Nature has blessed them with perfect bodies to combat the most dangerous enemies of nature, including even more harsh natural environments. However as they are incredibly powerful they tend to simply want to hit things rather than think a way through a problem. These Korana are the most powerful Terrans in the known universe and lead the others into battle with tactics devised by the Outcasts.

Interspecies Relations:

The Korana get along with any species that is respectful to life and nature. They keep a close eye on humans as our past has shown we are not entirely helpful to nature. They do realise we are trying to rectify our past mistakes and aim to guide us down the proper path. Korana are uneasy around the Zirguth based purely on their natural tendency to leave fiery footprints. They are uncomfortable when near a large gathering of Tolani or in their homes. This mainly comes from their affinity with Air, the element opposite the Korana's Earth.

Lands and resources:

The main Korana contingent relocated to the asteroid belt and mines it for many metals and have improved on the human process of mining that we established before they came. Their process is kinder to the environment and gets more material out than we could possibly dream of getting ourselves. They also are the major practitioners of the Earth element, which is a valuable resource in itself. Many others have taken to wandering the galaxy aiding nature where it needs it and surreptitiously guiding the sub-void races.

Religious Beliefs:

The Korana believe that nature itself is a sentient power and treat it as such. It is relatively young cosmically, however, and needs to be nurtured and guided. The Korana have taken this responsibility upon themselves and have done so since before the dawning of life on earth. It is theorised that nature created the Korana for the sole purpose of protecting and guiding it.

Naming Conventions:

Korana primarily have names based on the area of nature they revere and protect most. For example, a Korana that reveres animals would have a name like Fauna, Grunt, or Beast; whereas a Korana that reveres mountains or rocks would be called something like Mason, Boulder, or Cliff.

Enlisting Reasons:

To keep an eye on other races, especially members of the Vaq order. Many Korana wish to cleanse the Vaq races via extermination, to protect nature.

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