The Reica are the most intellectual species known. Their technology is set up for exploration and study, not for waging war. So when the Vaq invaded in the first onslaught they were unprepared. The only saving grace was the near instant global communication, allowing all leaders simultaneous intelligence to organise an exodus. The surviving Reica, still in the minority, fled to the Cancri system, relocating on its first planet now dubbed Neo Reiu in homage to their original home.


The Reica are a fun loving, curious race. They adore experimenting and finding new uses for old items. Almost any new item or experience they come across will be examined closely and dissected to find its purpose. Just don't leave a unique device you value unattended in their presence. Since the exodus from Reiu, the survivors are more prone to bouts of melancholy, especially when reminded of the former planet and lost loved ones. Even tinkering fails to hold excitement. Those that have fallen to despair have managed to claw out of its depths only by delving into vengeance on the Vaq. These Reica lose their childish charm and discard anything that doesn't aid in their goals. A Reica with a singleminded focus is something to be feared.

Physical Appearance:

Reica are very small and stand around 50cm tall, which is roughly knee high to the average human, and they weigh between 15 and 30 kilograms. Their bodies resemble exceptionally hairy humans but are quite furry around their fox shaped head. Reica have three clawed toes and one claw on the back of the foot used for climbing. Their legs are many times more muscular than their arms due to their love, and method of climbing. A Reica's legs are strong enough to support weight far exceeding their own while clinging to a ledge or tree and still perform tasks with their arms. Their claws are tough enough to pierce rock, giving them the abilty to walk up walls with a heavy load. All Reica enjoy wearing comfortable clothing similar to a martial arts gi however it is made from synthetic cotton that keeps the body cool at all times. Reica also have a small tail used only for balance.

Reica are physically weak and only carry themselves and a few minor items. Their leg muscles are exponentially stronger than their arms. When climbing they can carry three times their normal load for short periods. Reica are seen as cute teddy bears so it is easier for them to charm other races. They are so intelligent that advanced scholars of other races sit in on adolescent Reica classes. From experiments exploding in their faces Reica have developed a hardness for avoiding damage. Their size and powerful legs allow for rapid movements akin to a monkey doing parkour.

Outcasts and Champions:

Reica outcasts look different. Their hair is coarse and messy, they are sickly and can’t seem to fathom basic principles. Of course these principles are advanced to other cultures so they are about as smart as a human with a science doctorate. Because of this they spent most of their time playing games and sneaking off. Outcasts are the most prone to melancholy and acts of vengeance.

Reica Champions are natural born leaders. They are stronger than usual, but still weak compared to other races, smarter and all round better than most members of the species. They tend to have a better grasp of technology and are amoung the greatest inventors known.

Interspecies Relations:

Reica are easy going among all races, however they are very cautious and uneasy around Shareal, who have been known to eat Reica for a snack.

Lands and resources:

Even though they are the most advanced civilisation in the known galaxy the Reica like to live in forests, but will love anywhere they can be close to nature and masses of water. The Reica provide most of the high tech equipment for the AFS such as shielding, and have started dabbling in weapons and military research to help end the war. Having access to even an average Reica is worth more than the most intelligent human.

Religious Beliefs:

None. They are too busy tinkering to establish a belief system, but they respect nature and some other races see this as a pseudo-religion.

Naming Conventions:

The Reica use melodious sounds for names often elongating syllables as if singing. Names of important places, structures and devices are also sounded as if in song. They normally don't have hard sounds such as K and T, but instead smooth out the letters in a manner similar to the French. So Annouk would sound more like Anoo.

Male names include Arthfael, Bayar, Deifonsil, Evaris, Hyadinso, Mireiol, Phiean, Sephines, Vious and Zaphinth

Female names include Annouk, Beinne, Deifu, Elivise, Hyarthy, Myrelipe, Peshima, Syllipes, Vawsem and Zillepha.

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