This is a patriarchal society where women are considered inferior. Shareal men mostly ignore women of other races, except for the Ethedow who have proven too deadly to ignore. They come from the planet Nycal, named for their god. It is a cold planet that was taken over by the Vaq in their initial blitzkrieg. The decision to abandon their home shamed its leaders; none survived the journey to their new home. The Shareal have vowed to one day return and reclaim Nycal.


Shareal have a rough exterior, are very demanding of others, have a wicked humour and a dark laugh. They have a gravelly, growl of a voice. Shareal are always ready for a fight, especially when drunk. Most likely they will be the cause of a drunken brawl. They treat others based on their proven combat prowess, tactical ability or social power (in that order). If a Shareal feels he has dishonoured an ally or disgraced himself, he will prostrate himself for reprisal. The response is in the hands of the slighted individual but normally consists of three to ten full force blows, or a quick death. Failing to do either of these (or an equivalent) is considered a heinous taint on the Shareal and may result in the death of the other person.

Shareal train for hunting and fighting from an early age and thus are physically strong. Their views of women don’t sit well in other societies and affect all social interactions. Because Shareal are nomads they don’t take the time for study or other intellectual pursuits and are considered slow when learning theories. Their focus on combat, primarily melee based, keeps them unfazed in deadly situations.

Physical Appearance:

They have a muscular build, dark grey skin and thick grey-brown hair. Their most distinguishing feature is their four arms all with clawed fingers. They attempt to conceal their two extra arms, which are smaller and weaker than their two main ones, to surprise new opponents. The fact there are minimal new opponents doesn't seem to faze this practice. Their head is vaguely canine with small, serrated ears, small horns at the temples, and sharp fangs. They range from 192cm to 255cm and weight between 140 and 300 kilograms.

Racial Abilities:

All Shareal have the potential to grow large wings, however not many actually do (about 3%). It is considered an honour to have wings and usually come as a reward for accomplishing a great deed for the Shareal community. No female Shareal have ever grown wings, however as they aren’t allowed to do much other than slave work this isn’t surprising. They believe their god Nycal grants them the gift of wings. Shareal can see in total darkness as if the area was lit by candlelight. All colour is removed however.

Outcasts and Champions:

Outcast Shareal have failed at most things they try and have a hard time fitting into society. They have had to become experts at diplomacy and using their guile to get by and not get beaten by their “racial betters”. They appear meek and subservient in public, though often plot behind the scenes. Most leave for other worlds in search of their niche. They are mistreated by all Shareal more powerful than them. All female Shareal are Outcasts but there are still plenty of males that fit the bill.

Shareal Champions have worked hard at all forms of combat and tactics and as such make great field generals. They have read books on the art of war from other races, and sometimes even books on the gentle arts, like poetry and paintings to get a broad range of knowledge. Their hard study has paid off with improved tactics and social interactions to gain advantage. Champions are revered by lesser Shareal, but also have a huge ego and a stricter honour code. No female Shareal has even been, nor could ever be a Champion in their society.

Interspecies Relations:

Shareal get along well with the Zirguth, the Asgarh, and some humans. They don’t like “little” people like the Reica as they get underfoot, and they don’t trust anything they can (and do) eat. They have a love/hate relationship with Ethedow and will fight with them, for any flimsy reason, though usually without weapons. More than one drunken brawl has resulted in a lifelong bond.

Lands and resources:

They relocated to Virginis Prime after the Vaq took control of Nycal, and have a small outpost on its moon of Anatol. They are nomads and there are only two Shareal cities active at one time, Thork’Narl and Thork’Shar. These are large cities with vast defences, but still failed to ward off the Vaq's forces. Thork’Narl is the centre of their religious lives and Thork’Shar is the centre for war. Of course these are back on planet Nycal, however replicas have been built on Virginis Prime in the interim. The Shareal mainly produce warriors for the defence of the system, and are among the best fighters the AFS has.

Religious beliefs:

They worship Nycal (ni-cal) as the all-encompassing god of the Shareal way of life. He is the only Shareal to have attained perfection (to Shareal standards) and is the protector and champion of the race. It is believed that through glorious victories they improve their image to Nycal and will join him in the afterlife if they are a true warrior. His worshippers include all Shareal and it has been known that people of other races have become followers, especially warriors.

Naming conventions:

Male names always include a K and female names always contain an F. All names are either one or two syllables long.

Sample Male Names include Bekor, Deiku, Ketow, Korlan, Krell (kree- il), Lorek, Mordek, Slobek, Tlolok, and Veikor.

Sample Female Names include Beifu, Flotom, Folri, Forma, Hofren, Neiif, Ofin, Tolfo, Veifai, and Xaefa. Shareal females are usually referred to as “slave”. The women choose these names secretly as a form of rebellion.

Enlisting reasons:

To improve and utilise their skills, to gain glorious victories or obtain wings are the most prominent. Some women succeed in escaping their slavery and try to learn skills and make a name for themselves to come back and challenge their man-master. The majority however tend to lead productive lives in whatever manner they see fit, which is a massive change from their homeworld.

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