The Vigaj are well on the way to evolving into something extraordinary. They are on the verge - a few thousand years away -  of removing their physical form and becoming something greater. This may be pure energy, thought or something completely different. No one knows for sure, not even the Vigaj. They organise their society into a hierarchy based on who is closer to the Ultimate Evolutionary step, the only thing they revere. Only the Vigaj seem to know how to tell this however. Through all this they have managed to develop vast mental powers and are some of the most powerful practitioners in the galaxy.


As they are evolving beyond many other species they tend to feel superior to other less advanced races. However they realise that other species have evolved beyond even them. They respect lesser races, as they know one day they will achieve greatness like the Vigaj, however they feel lesser races need guidance and they are more than willing to tell others where they go wrong. The Vigaj treat more evolved races with reverence, seeing them as closer to the Ultimate Evolution and thus closer to godhood. Most Vigaj love to tinker with and invent new technology, even if it doesn't have much value. The thought processes used to create these devices are far more important than the resulting tech.

Physical Appearance:

The Vigaj realise that their bodies are a crude shell and are not required, except to provide their consciousness with some protection and fuel. As they want as much fuel as possible to reach greater heights in power, they have pumped their bodies full of everything they can find. As a consequence they have become massive blobs of fat. Tubes protrude from all areas of their bodies to provide sustenance and to remove toxins, waste and anything else that is unnecessary. Their legs can no longer hold their massive bulk and thus they have crafted hover vehicles for mobility. These are controlled by brain impulses via a direct cable link to the base of the skull. Vigaj have lost fine motor control and the use of their arms is clumsy at best. To resolve this issue they have created many servo drones to assist in the physical aspects of life until they evolve. These drones perform a multitude of tasks and at least three drones will usually be floating around a Vigaj doing whatever is needed. Tasks range from opening doors, piloting vehicles, firing weapons, creating new drones etc. All drones have a limited AI to perform their specific function and the Vigaj controls new orders or programming mentally via the hover device.

Their faces resemble that of a human, though with eyes slightly larger and several small horns scattered around the cranium. These horns are considered vestigial. From the base of the hover chair to the top of their head a Vigaj is between 100cm and 110cm, though they usually hover so their eye level is about 180cm. The hover device has a maximum ceiling of three metres off the ground. This ceiling will reduce based on the individual Vigaj's weight, which is normally between 180kg and 300kg.

Racial Abilities:

All Vigaj are potent Mentants and constantly strive for further mastery as a means to evolve. This ensures constant work in the Void War such as interrogation, creating unwilling double agents and all forms of psychological warfare.

The Vigaj are very weak physically, which is why they use servo drones. Their extra layers of blubber provide them with extra protection from damage, but it also slows them down greatly, even with the hover vehicles. They do have a massive intellect, but their views of superiority can make other races uneasy. Vigaj tend to give off a feeling of control often bordering on serenity.

Vigaj brains are excellent at multitasking and can maintain focus on their physical being as well as several drones. An average Vigaj can monitor a few drones, monitor video feeds and set void co-ordinates all at once. A single Vigaj can handle the tasks of several crew members simultaneously making them invaluable on any spacefaring craft.

Outcasts and Champions:

Outcast Vigaj have taken the ‘food for thought’ idea too literally and pumped so many nutrients in that they are twice as large as normal Vigaj. It has made them even weaker than normal, but their skin has taken on a rubbery quality that makes objects more prone to bounce, which at least lessens impact velocity. This provides better all-round protection. They have not developed as far as normal Vigaj mentally and are more reliant on a physical body, marking them further away from the Ultimate Evolution. They have had to develop a personality to compensate for their relative lack of brains and actually fit in well with other races.

Vigaj Champions are closer to the Ultimate Evolution than anyone else in their race. They are respected by all Vigaj and others will flock to them to try to gain insight. They have increased their bulk to further propel them towards the Ultimate Evolution, but have done so in such a way that slightly improves their physical abilities such as motor control. Not much will faze a Vigaj champion due to their ability to analyse input from danger, discern a plan and implement it at blinding speed. Their Psychic prowess is among the highest in existence.

Interspecies Relations:

As the Vigaj see themselves as superior to all AFS races they do rub people the wrong way. However as a whole they respect how far the races have evolved and wish to guide them closer to the Ultimate Evolution. They especially respect the Reica for their vast knowledge and will try to get in their good books. Through them they might garner a greater understanding of life, and thus get closer to the Ultimate Evolution. The Vigaj initially thought that the Dral were very close to the Ultimate Evolution and attempted relations with them but as they have only been met with violence their views towards them have changed. Many now believe that destroying the Dral will bring them more understanding and thus closer to the Ultimate Evolution. Making contacts is second nature to the Vigaj as the more they can explore and relate to others, the more likely they are to find that one esoteric thing to push them a smidge closer to the Ultimate Evolution.

Lands and resources:

The Vigaj have a large technology base and freely distribute it to the lesser races. They are very useful in getting information out of people with their mastery of the Psychic Element.

Religious Beliefs:

The Vigaj are fanatical about obtaining the Ultimate Evolution and worship it akin to a god. Anyone closer to this evolution is seen as greater and wiser and thus deserves reverence. They will do anything they think necessary to obtain greater knowledge if it will bring them closer to their goal. Nothing is of greater importance, though they may reject courses of action if it violates their moral code.

Naming Conventions:

Names are insignificant to the Vigaj as it won’t assist in evolution. To ease interactions with other races many Vigaj have taken on names, often collecting several along their journeys. They usually borrow the naming convention of the first race they deal with. It is quite common for a Vigaj to have a different name on each planet they visit.

Enlisting Reasons:

There are only two reasons the Vigaj enlist. First is to explore the universe to get a greater understanding of it. Second is to have a chance at destroying the Dral. Many see the second as an extension of the first.

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