Region - Anese

This mostly land locked country sits between Kirad to the west and Beron to the east. The inhabitants are predominantly human in this fertile land. Far to the north are the lands of the Votrox, a violent species that worship fire and leaves destruction in their wake. The Votrox lands span the entire length of the northern borders of Kirad, Anese and Beron, though the harsh terrain creates an effective barrier.
The southern coast is "disputed" territory. While officially part of Anese, it is far from the control of its capital. Pirates earn a healthy living attacking trade and fishing vessels. Coastal villages receive more protection from Privateers or the Syndicate, a group of organised criminals, far more than from the government. Many claim this creates a new country with borders that would see Anese completely land locked, to the vehement disagreement of the Anesian government. Some say a civil conflict is inevitable if the ruling class want to maintain control.
Large areas are ripe for farming and there is a sizable winery not far from the river town of Lanimyrk. This town is run by the Syndicate and a thorn in the side of the law. Inquisitor Qyr frequents this town and Arson's Canvas begins there.
A short trip by carriage to the north west is the Anesian capital of Ryl, which sits almost directly in the middle of the country. This is where Inquisitor Qyr is assigned his duties.
The bulk of Arson's Canvas takes place in Anese, though future chronicles will explore the other regions.
Arson's Canvas is due out in the middle of 2017.
anese region map

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