Inquisitor Qyr Series - First Look

This is the first look at my new series of Inquisitor Qyr novels.

The main character Qyr (pronounced the same as choir), is a lawman on a distant planet called Volyce.

Qyr is an unusual race for Anese, the country he serves.  He is a member of the enigmatic and almost extinct Samrine. These creatures suffered a calamity in the form of a terminal disease that afflicted all females of this noble species. With less than 100 males remaining across Volyce they will unfortunately soon be a memory. 

Volyce has a technological level roughly the same as the wild west, though with elemental metaphysics in place of gun powder. Certain advanced gadgets fuelled by the elements aid the law, such as recording residual echoes of transpired events and near instant two way communication. The general population don't have access to these however. It is a blend of western, fantasy and technology.

The series is set within the greater Void War universe however it is far removed from that conflict. Though there are important ties to events and characters of The Gatekeeper Trilogy that will be revealed as the series continues.

The second draft is complete and the cover details have been provided to artist Arthur Strickland, who created the amazing covers of my previous three novels.

The tentative release date is late June so you have a limited window to join at the Dedicated Reader level. This will guarantee you a dedication in the novel as well as an ebook copy. You only have until May 31 to join the community here on Patreon to get the dedication.

I'm excited to share this new series with you, and the rich world I've created.

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