The Keeper of Sin

Ral has spent that last two months leading Yex and Ry in tracking down the absent Dral. An issue that worries not only his new allies, but his superiors in the AFS espionage arm of S.I.N. While he extracts critical secrets from the enemy, Velus and Mordek secure a derelict vessel as their new base for gathering allies in the inevitable conflict with the Dral.

Velus brings news of a powerful group that might aid their cause, however they are embroiled in a secret war of their own with an ancient race that can harness a power greater than the Elements.

With little choice but to forge ties with tentative allies, former enemies, and friends with their own agenda, Ral's companions must unravel centuries of lies and secrets if they are to gain a fighting chance.

But their quest threatens to reveal a secret the Selig would do anything to keep hidden.
Absolutes blur to grey in The Keeper of Sin, the epic conclusion to the Gatekeeper Trilogy.

Available on, Smashwords and Patreon (pre-order monarch level).

Primary Characters

  • Mordek
  • Ral
  • Roman
  • Ry
  • Talyn
  • Velus
  • Yex
  • Zastudil

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