Metaphysics - The Elements

The study of Metaphysics is handled differently across the galaxy. Some try to discover the science behind the effects, others look into the theological aspects, while others still treat it as tapping into another dimension. No one has discerned the true source of the elemental powers or how they function, even though the results are plain to the eye and mind.

The implementation of metaphysics allows practitioners to manipulate the energies of the eight known elements into various effects as they see fit. Elementalists can create a rock wall to halt pursuers, send a rushing wave down the central corridor of an enemy vessel, trap an opponent's mind in an endless nightmare or bolster allies with inspiration or healing. Fully attuning your mind and body to channel these energies without killing yourself is a lifelong effort that many people are incapable of.

All people of all races are naturally attuned to one of the elements from birth, although at greatly varying levels. Most humans are so weakly attuned that simply performing the most basic manipulations can take years of vigorous study. Korana on the other hand are so highly attuned to Earth they could be considered part of the element itself. There are always genetic abnormalities that can improve and lessen racial attunement, however they are so rare no one has been able to study the phenomenon to garner useful results. Attunement is normally based on one of the parents, much like blood type. However about 20% have no attunement in common with their progenitors.

While elemental effects can be devastating, they take a toll on the elementalist. Channelling elemental energy exceeding your skill and attunement is physically and mentally draining. Many an elementalist has collapsed from utter exhaustion after directing a torrent of energy at their foes. If an elementalist tries to push beyond their limits the raw power can consume them, absorbing their mind and body into the element itself via a visually impressive death.

The eight elements are divided into two distinct groups: Matter and Mind. Being attuned to one group prevents attunement in the other via a process still unknown to science. The Matter elements are Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The Mind elements are Shadow, Light, Psychic and Voodoo. Attunement in an element will block access to its opposite. Earth opposes Air, Fire opposes Water, Shadow opposes Light and Psychic opposes Voodoo.

Normally elementalists attune to a single element and focus entirely on strengthening their link. They can however train themselves to attune to a second element of the same group. For example, a Reica may be naturally attuned to Earth and start their education building that bond. Down the line he decides to supplement his skills with another. Because Earth prevents access to Air he has two choices. Selecting either Fire or Water will prevent access to the other so the Reica will need to determine which option best serves his skillset. Now armed with two elements the Reica can potentially combine them for additional benefits.

Mixed elements are a specialty that most practitions don't tap into due to the added strain. Mixing Fire and Earth to create the Magma Element requires weaving both individual elements at the same power level at once. Maintaining this balance and control is highly draining and potentially deadly, though the power gained is considered worthwhile by those that attempt it.

Trained elementalists can also summon an elemental entity to aid them. The exact type will vary greatly depending on need and skill. While these entities have a mind of their own, they are generally willing to serve the summoner as long as the tasks are within reason.

Practitioners are referred to with specific names to differentiate themselves, and many take offence at being referred to as anything different.

Earth Terrans
Air Aurans
Fire Ignans
Water Aquans
Shadow Shades
Light Lumens
Psychic Mentants
Voodoo Houngans (good), Bokors (evil)

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