Originally they were known as the Cleminca (Clem-in-cha). However their home world was cleft in twain over 100,000 years ago by what is popularly believed to be a meteor. Evidence is scarce for the truth, along with how the planet pieces maintained enough atmosphere for survival. The two pieces drifted apart and fell into an orbit around their central sun. Both pieces managed to maintain life and the species progressed separately, forever changing the Cleminca. Those living on the largest piece changed their name to Honace, meaning diminished. The people living on the small portion changed their name to Boava, meaning broken. Since then the Boava primary purpose was to maintain what they were left with, and be a safe refuge.


The Boava had similar goals to the Honace in the beginning to re-unite the planet, but after a few centuries they started to forget why. Since the Boava planetary fragment retained the bulk of water, they had no need of the wasteland the Honace call home. The almost zealous actions of the Honace to restore the pieces strained the relationship with the Boava, eventually descending into aggression such as raiding parties taking water by force. The aggression cooled over the centuries; however the recent actions of the Honace in regards to the Vaq and AFS go against the Boava beliefs and only strengthened the decision to remain apart. As such they don’t want anything to do with them and deny they are the same species. Their evolutionary changes may agree with them. Now the Boava just want to be left in peace.

Physical Appearance:

The Boava are very plant like in appearance. They have the general structure of a humanoid; however their bodies are comprised mostly of intertwined vines. They have no hands or feet, but instead control the individual vines in their limbs to manipulate intricate objects and walk on almost any surface. Small fruits and berries are grown on their bodies during adolescence. They rot and drop off after a few earth weeks, thus the young Boava usually pick them off to avoid embarrassment. Once they reach adulthood at around 30 earth years of age, the Boava have enough control of their bodies to change these fruits into flowers or exotic leaves. The Boava do not have eyes, noses, or ears. They perceive their surroundings via feeling the slightest fluctuations in the air and ground. The Boava also have bat-like sonar for sight. They have a large opening at the centre of their head to ingest food, which consists largely of vegetables and soil. They drink water through their fingers and toes. Their colouring is usually a few different shades of the same colour; however the hues range from reds, greens, browns, oranges and yellows. Their fruits and flowers can be any colour found in nature. They range in height from about 150cm to 210cm. Most Boava range in weight from 45kg to 85kg. While they share many similarities to the Honace physically, they are genetically as different as a fruit tree and a cactus.

Racial Abilities:

The Boava are not used to physical hardship. An easy, comfortable existence with no natural predators has diminished their need for physical prowess, and accounts for their fragile bodies. Though weak, their flexible vines are incredibly resistant to breaking and simply bend under stress. Through meditation Boava have a calmness about them that could almost be referred to as divine. This constant mental control allowed attunement to the Mind Elements, especially Light and Psychic, to come far easier over generations. Boava can easily camouflage themselves in vegetation making it appear as if they have no active sentries.

Outcasts and Champions:

Occasionally a Boava child will be born with traits similar to the Cleminca ancestors. These traits are almost always predatory such as extracting blood for sustenance instead of water, or venomous stingers. Aggression is part of the package and these Boava are unable to maintain mental control. By adolescence this aggressions delves into madness and reaching adulthood unveils an unpredictable savage that attacks anything moving. So far the Boava have been unable to aid these Outcasts with their mental abilities, so isolate them with dedicated teams to tend to their needs.

Boava Champions are extremely rare, having maybe one per generation across the entire species. These Boava can grow to an immense size, ranging anywhere from a couple of metres up to a mountain peak. The Boava believe that a slither of Clemin was gifted to these Champions and is thus an avatar of their deity. Their physical prowess is unmatched even at normal Boava dimensions, and their mental acuity is second to none. If the Boava were to ever join the war with their Champion, the opposition would face a terrible battle.

Interspecies Relations:

The Boava get along well with the Korana for their nature-loving ways. However they do keep a watchful eye on any Earth Elementalists that visit. The Boava do not want anyone to harm Clemin, what they believe is the spirit of their planet. They tend to cautiously allow visitors of other races and react according to how they treat Clemin and the Boava. As long as both are respected and unharmed, the Boava will treat everyone fairly.

Lands and resources:

The Boava planet is similar to earth in that water covers most of the surface, although it is noticeably smaller. Due to the planet splitting impact it is quite an irregular shape. They are quite flush with useful minerals though they will never allow any form of mining operation. They do extract minerals to their own high standards, though in low quantities. Their attention to detail and high craftsmanship guarantees quality. The Boava are happy to trade with either side of the Void War and most genuine goods elicit a high premium.

Religious Beliefs:

Many Boava saw the Division as the will of Clemin, the semi-sentient elemental spirit of the planet. They now believe the unworthy were left on Honace as punishment. They see their existence as an allowance by Clemin and will do nothing to threaten it. They centre their lives on making Clemin comfortable since the Division. They believe that all the essence of Clemin stayed with the Boava part of the planet, but the Division caused much pain and suffering to it. The Boava will do all in their power to ease this suffering and nurture Clemin back to full health. The Boava refuse to use the Earth Element as they believe it taps into Clemin’s essence. This belief is so ingrained in their psyche that they are no longer capable of performing even the simplest earth effects, even if they wanted to. Only minimal attunement is present in Fire, representing a destructive force the Boava only grudgingly accept as a heat source. Meditation is the cornerstone of their society and through this the Boava have learned to tap into the powers of the mind, although they have only scratched the surface. Thus far the merging of Mind and Matter elements remains unattainable, however if any species were capable of the feat the Boava would be the odds-on favourites.

Naming Conventions:

The Boava have little need for names as their communication is via thought and movement. Some are capable of speech though it is exhausting and clipped. Visitors are treated to telepathic communication, often in the form of pictures though words are an option if preferred. A Boava will accept a name from alien allies, and be proud of the honour.

Enlisting Reasons:

The Boava have specifically stayed out of the Void War, due to the fact they would most likely side with the AFS. Even though they don’t want to re-join the planet and shun their former brethren, they still don’t want to cause harm to their ancestral siblings. As such they would need a very compelling reason to enlist.

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