The Mavipre are a violent race, ready to sink their teeth into anything living. They are what we would call vampires. Their society is ruled by the most powerful among them. There are two castes of Mavipre: the bloodsucking Sukrel; and the blood donating krel.


The Mavipre see all other races as inferior, and that the galaxy is theirs to enjoy. The Sukrel have a thirst for travel and new experiences, especially if it means tasting the blood of new sentient creatures. They usually travel alone or with their paramour, making it easy to slip into a population, observe customs and drink their fill while remaining anonymous. Mavipre enjoy the game of the hunt and take immense pleasure in hunting an area for months or years without detection.

Physical Appearance:

Mavipre have pale skin almost to the point of pure white. This is however lessened by a mauve flushing across the body, which lightens when fully fed. If you see a Mavipre with a dark indigo flush, you may want to run and hide as they are practically starving. Their elongated ears could be described as bat-like, though appear serrated. They extend past their upper skull and link directly to the jawline. Large sunken eyes under a rigid brow have an uncanny knack of piercing your very soul. The Mavipre nose is more like a slight bump under the eyes that opens into a single large nostril, akin to a dank cavern opening. This rests directly above a lipless mouth, with toughened gums exposed to the world. If you care to look closely, you can see the roots of the pointed teeth making the gum line appear like rolling hills. Unlike the vampires of mythology, all of a Mavipre’s teeth are sharpened, though the canines and incisors are considerably longer. The central incisors are slightly longer than the regular teeth, and gradually lengthen towards the longest canines. The lower jaw can be dropped about 10cm to allow for a significantly wider bite size. The upper and lower gum lines can also move a few centimetres forward and back to angle the teeth towards the mouth and provide a powerful shearing motion. This allows a Mavipre to take a gentle bite or savage the victim by tearing large chunks of flesh to expose bone. Their neck is quite wide, starting just inside the shoulder edge and tapering up to behind the ear. Mavipre range from 120cm to 160cm tall, with lean but muscular bodies. Several layers of bone ridging protect their chest (front and back), similar to segmented armour plates. Their hands and feet are humanlike, though with sharp claws.

Racial Abilities:

The Sukrel have the ability to drain blood from other living things for nourishment. Doing so restores health to the Mavipre. Fully draining an adult, human-sized being will completely restore any damage, fatigue or illness that the Mavipre may have. Unlike popular myth the Sukrel can’t confer vampirism on others, they are either born with it or they aren’t. Anyone not born with the ability to draw sustenance from blood is a krel. If a krel is born of two Sukrel parents, that individual will usually be slave labour for the parents and won’t be drained to death; which is a much better life than a wild born krel. Wild krel are treated just as we treat cattle.

While the Mavipre do consume blood it is primarily used as a focus and physical link between the Mavipre and their food. The main source of nourishment is actually from the psychic energies given off whilst being fed upon. If a single victim is kept alive and continually used as sustenance, eventually they will develop emotional and mental instability from the constant psychic draining on top of the trauma from being a blood slave. Krel appear to be quite resilient to this process. It has been theorised that their minds have developed to shield them from the draining, whereas a Sukrel’s mind develops to attack. More study on live subjects is required to ascertain the truth.

As long as a Sukrel clings to the thinnest thread of life, he/she can be restored to full health. Someone must start putting blood into their system either by infusion or straight into the mouth. This process can only restore a Sukrel to consciousness, at which point the Mavipre will be ravenous and could turn on his/her friends to get the rest of the blood and psychic energy it needs.

All Sukrel are in peak physical and mental shape due to the healing properties of drinking blood. However they feel superior to every other living thing and behave as such. Even though they can be lead, they expect their suggestions to be followed and rely on anger if ignored or under pressure.

All Mavipre, including krel, have a psychic influence however none know how to use the elements. They can be taught by other races however, this would be unusual for any Sukrel to allow tutelage from their lunch. Though krel are more likely, assuming they can escape slavery. This doesn't mean they don't have psychic abilities. The most common effect is to cloud a victim's mind to either disguise a Mavipre's appearance or erase their presence entirely.

Sukrel also have at least one heightened sense at birth, which becomes their basis for hunting. You never know which sense it is, so prey needs to be silent, invisible and odourless to have the best chance for survival.

Outcasts and Champions:

Mavipre Outcasts are the krel. They are used to being treated poorly and don’t have the same superiority that the Sukrel have. Being a slave toughens them up, but also dulls their personality so they take direction without question. This makes them ideally suited to the infantry. As the krel appear the same as Sukrel visually, other races treat them as the same and fear both castes equally. You can never know why a krel is on the loose; they may simply be there to bait you into an ambush.

Champions are the Sukrel Elite. Physical training has increased their already great physicality, but due to their “greatness” they are more cocky and arrogant than ever. They do at least think a moment before allowing anger to cloud them. A few of their senses are heightened making them far more efficient hunters. With dedicated training a Champion can re-shape their features to physically appear as any other race, at least at a glance. This takes enormous concentration and a full stomach.

Interspecies Relations:

Mavipre get along with anyone that is willing to offer them the chance of tasting new blood, however many races don’t like the whole bloodsucking thing and are always on their guard. They also feel they are superior to everyone else. The Sukrel have travelled to other worlds for centuries and have fed on the populace in secret. They are the cause of most of the vampire myths on many planets, including earth.

Lands and resources:

The entire Mavipre homeworld is cloaked in darkness. They live on the moon of Nosfus, and the planet blocks the sun completely all year round. This makes them extremely sensitive to the sun on other planets and causes them to burn easily. Additionally they get blinded and have constant heatstroke headaches; however they won’t burst into flames like in vampire myths. They are responsible for the best portable light and heat defences in the known universe.

Religious Beliefs:

The Sukrel caste believe they are the chosen of all race’s gods as no matter what new species they come across, their blood sustains the Mavipre. They see themselves as superior and expect to be treated as such by all. An important note however is that to date they have never visited the Asgarh, which holds them as an enigma in Mavipre eyes. The two planets are on opposite ends of the known populated planets, but all Sukrel desire the chance to be the first to drain these metallic beings. Nothing is more important to a Sukrel than their meal, and the hunt to get it.

Naming Conventions:

The krel don’t usually have names unless both their parents are Sukrel. Then they will be given monosyllabic names for easy calling. Often these names are derived from other races that the parents had visited in their travels. The Sukrel prefer to have strong sounding names, similar to Thor, Odin, Hercules and Conan from our own culture. Many Sukrel actually have taken the names of our gods and heroes and some humans believe that these were the source of all our myths and legends. The Mavipre have neither confirmed nor denied this influence, though it is within their psyche and ability. Whether these are their true names or assumed aliases have thus far remained unconfirmed.

Enlisting Reasons:

The Mavipre don’t take sides as a whole, but individuals are free to do what they like. The prominent reason they enlist is to expand their palate and sample exotic blood.

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