Overweight to Fighting Weight Cover Preview

My first non-fiction book is nearly ready for publishing. Presented for your viewing pleasure is a 3D mockup of the cover.

I wanted it simple but eye catching and I think that was achieved.

Stay tuned to updates as I'll post links direct to where you can grab your copy. The blurb is included below.


Overweight to Fighting Weight

Looking to lose weight but everything has failed? Discover the physical and mental aspects of becoming a much healthier you, written by someone that dropped 80kg!

Get the weight loss system written by someone that went from zero exercise and over 175kg, to a multiple time Australian and Pan Pacific martial arts Champion.

AJ Watson has shed 80kg in his journey and for the first time shares how he did it, and what needed to change mentally and physically to achieve his goals.

This book will teach you how to:

  • understand weight loss issues
  • figure out nutrition labels
  • learn how to set goals
  • improve your motivation
  • boost your willpower
  • structure your exercise
  • become a better version of you.

AJ Watson’s approach tackles the issues from multiple angles giving a much greater level of success than diet alone. Treat yourself to a wealth of knowledge and kick those extra kilos goodbye.

AJ discusses his physical and mental states throughout his journey, and how he combated multiple challenges to attain results. Because he has been there, AJ understands the thought process of overeating, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle and low self-esteem. His success as a martial artist, coach and author is traced back to the struggle out of his lowest point.

Now you can benefit from that struggle as well.

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