Planet Volyce

The planet of Volyce has a technological level roughly the same as the wild west, though with elemental metaphysics in place of gun powder. Certain advanced gadgets fuelled by the elements aid the law, such as recording residual echoes of transpired events and near instant two way communication. The general population don't have access to these however. It is a blend of western, fantasy and technology elements.

The Inquisitor Qyr Chronicles take place on the main habitable continent, in the country of Anese. There are a few other continents, though their terrain, weather or wildlife make it difficult to settle. That doesn't stop people from trying however.

The moon Deos is the source of many stories, owing to the craters and ridges forming what appear to be four faces on its surface. The population attribute each face to a different deity, though each region offer different interpretations. The phases of Deos generally conceal the faces so only one or two are present at a time unless it is full.

The inhabitants use a time system roughly similar to our own. Hours are counted as chimes, minutes are tocks and seconds are ticks. A month is called a lunation and a year is a cycle. While their specific measurements differ from ours, the concept remains the same.

There are several different intelligent species across Volyce. The Anesians are very similar to humans and number 870 million. There are around 945 milion Kiradians and 780 million Beronese, the western and eastern neighbours of Anese. The Votrox are difficult to ascertian exact numbers as they react violently to any intrusion of their lands. There are several other minor races that combined total a little over 2 million.

Rotational Period 25.4 earth hours Orbital Period 371 Earth days, eliptical
Gravity 9.4 m/s (0.97 times Earth) Natural Satellites One, Deos
Equatorial Radius 5984.5 Km (0.94 times Earth) Population Combined races above 3 billion


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