Races - AFS

The Alliance of Federated Species (AFS) consists of ten races joined together by a common cause. Some have been forced off their homeworld during the Void War while others maintain their hold by a hair. The AFS are on the back foot and unless some major victories occur they are staring down annihilation. This realisation is why S.I.N has so much leeway to do whatever is necessary to turn the tides of war.

The AFS member races are:

  • The Asgarh, a race born of living metal known for exceptional physical strength
  • The Ethedow, a matriarchal warrior society bound by honour
  • The Humans, one of the younger races protected by galactic isolation from the Vaq
  • The Korana, the embodiment of the Element of Earth
  • The Reica, a diminutive race renowned for their intellect and technology in harmony with nature
  • The Shareal, a patriarchal war band with multiple limbs to rend foes
  • The Shiuano, the merfolk conduits of the Element of Water
  • The Tolani, the bird-kin masters of the skies where family is king
  • The Vigaj, powerful psychics that rely on drones for labours their immense bulk can no longer handle
  • The Zirguth, lava made flesh and just as deadly

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