Races - Neutral and Voidless


Throughout the history of conflict there have always been neutral parties that for a multitude of reasons want to remain outside of war. The Void War is no different, and this section details the three Void capable species that have declared their neutrality publically.

These consist of:

  • The Boava, a lush plant-based lifeform wishing to be left alone after their world cracked.
  • The Kiata, energy based beings and masters of the Element of Light seeking true enlightenment.
  • The Mavipre, the species responsible for the majority of blood feeder myths across the galaxy.

The level of neutrality and restriction differ for each race. The Kiata for example do not allow any member of their race to participate in the war, but does provide succor for wounded combatants on both sides. Conversely, the Mavipre don't restrict individual's from fighting on either side, they simply do so without the backing of their government, military and society. The Boava behave as if the war didn't exist and entreat with either side depending on actions during encounters. They will however aggressively defend their homes from any invader.

That said, no government has absolute control over its citizens so it is feasible that individuals may join either side of the conflict. Their presence in an operation could present a vast political problem if the wrong people had knowledge of it. Personal conflicts may eventually crop up as they face racial brothers on opposite sides of the battlefield.


Voidless races are those that do not have the technology to traverse the Void. Generally they are more primitive races that have something unusual or beneficial to the war effort, but currently know nothing beyond their own planet. Voidless races will result in far less prejudice and some find it easier to hide in plain sight, however they will be at a technological and often intellectual disadvantage.

There are many other primitive voidless races scattered around the galaxy that are not included as they don't provide anything out of the ordinary for the war.

The primary voidless races consist of:

  • The Selig, an enigmatic and rare species considered a myth across every known race.
  • The Sesquitians, a medieval race fighting a divine war that can master All Mind elements equally.
  • The Unum, a similarly primitive race that can master All Matter elements equally.

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