Races - The Vaq

The Vaq are a collection of races currently at war with the AFS.  These races greatly outnumber the AFS, and are far more savage. The Vaq only appears satisfied when taking whatever they desire by force. They are held together by the elusive Dral with a spiked iron fist.

The Vaq consists of:

  • The Dral, overlords of the Vaq cloaked in secrecy that leave no survivors in the thankfully rare encounters
  • The Fobah, sentient amphibious squids that leave corruption in their wake
  • The Honace, desert plant-based lifeform driven to rebuild their shattered planet at any cost
  • The Reshadri, vile practitioners of the Element of Voodoo with souls as black as their spiked scales
  • The Shoma, agile brutes that weave the Element of Shadow to burst from darkness and slash with elongated claws.

This information is what S.I.N has available to tell its operatives. As such there are pieces missing or deemed classified. In either case the term "classified" will be utilised.

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