Remastered Cover - Book 1

A lot has happened since the first edition of The Elemental Progeny was printed. It took several years from printing book 1 to printing book 2 The Shroud of the Gods.

That gave me a lot of time to really think about the cover art work. Initially I had a rough idea of what I wanted and it worked out OK. But for the second and third books the image was crystal clear. Artist Arthur Strickland set about bringing a vibrant picture to life and succeeded beyond expectations. Seeing the three covers side by side it became painfully clear that the original cover for book 1 needing updating.

So Arthur took my updated idea and smashed out a rough sketch before plunging deep into the design. That sketch is below.

The final piece is almost ready and I can't wait to share it. The updated cover will be available on the ebook first, followed closely by a second print edition. That will coincide with an updated story as well, fixing a few issues and adding additional content that ties into the other two books more closely.

Watch this space in early 2017.

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