Going for a run

I've been enhancing my training with a couple laps of Lake Esmond, which is very close to the gym. A two lap warm up comes in a bit over a kilometre.

This is in an effort to improve my general fitness and, with a focus on steady breathing I can better understand breath control for when I hit the mat for BJJ.

Straight after the run we head back to the gym at a jog for an hour of wrestling. The run gets us closer to our exhaustion point, which is where technique flys out the window. This is a great time to train the muscles in raw movement to remain in fighting form in the final minutes of a match.

Running can be hard on your knees, and as I have knee issues I can't run as long as the rest of the team. So for me its about keeping up a high pace for the distance. While I have enough of a gas tank to run 4 or 5 laps, keeping it to 2 I don't need to pace myself and can thus go faster. There is no one way to train and this works well for me as an older athlete.


Running around Lake Esmond

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