The Shroud of the Gods

Unknown elemental assailants attack and severely damaging those closest to Yana, fueling her not only towards aid but headlong into vengeance. Her stubborn nature and relentless drive threaten to alienate her from new allies she must rely on if her goals are to succeed. Her path brings her back to Sesqui, where its civil unrest is teetering into a full blown war.

Mason is tracking a target he believes has the answers to his continued existence while filling in the gaps of a shattered memory. Needing aid of his own, he chooses a more violent path to get the answers he seeks. Finding mutual aid from a Reshadri Bokor, a race of torment worshipers wreathed in elemental power, Mason's path twines Yana's as the truth unravels.

With strained alliances and distrust the pair will face down enemies beyond either of their abilities in a battle with consequences linked to the heart of the Void War.

The Shroud of the Gods is book two of the Gatekeeper Trilogy.

Available on, Smashwords and Patreon (pre-order monarch level).

Primary Characters

  • Mason
  • Ral
  • Ry
  • Yana
  • Yex

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