A simple breakfast

Breakfast is a very important meal. For most people it has been 10 to 12 hours since you last ate so you need something to get the energy to begin the day.

The food kick starts your body into action, if you skip breakfast your body holds onto what it has longer as it doesn't know when the next fuel source will come from. So it is counter-productive to skip breakfast when wanting to shed a few kilos or simply to maintain you current weight.

For decades all I had for breakfast was milk and cereal but that was holding me back to a more robust intake. The right cereal (sugar free) is OK, but to really jump start the day I needed something else.

The best thing I found is a home made smoothie. I put in a cup of protein powder (the cup provided with the protein) and a sachet of instant oats. Add in a little water to mix it and a couple cups of frozen berries. Mix it in the blender, magic bullet or similar and you have an awesome meal to fuel the day. I prefer it thicker so use less water but if you like it runny add more. I also use coconut water at times if it's a hot day or I want something different.

I always feel satiated after this, unlike when I had a bowl of cereal. Getting that full feeling is important as it limits snacking.

What do you enjoy for breakfast? Add it in the comments along with any tips you've found works well for you.

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