Standard Lunch to save Willpower

Food choices can be an issue, especially when dropping weight. Willpower is a finite resource and you don't need to waste it on deciding what to have for lunch when you need it later to stop snacking on junk food.

I have a single type of lunch everyday so I don't waste willpower deliberating with myself over choice. Basically I have a sandwich but slightly modified.

To save on the energy intake I use a low kilojoule rye wrap instead of bread. I then add in two types of meat, hot salami for a taste kick and some form of deli meat. To limit willpower expenditure I simply grab the cheapest option from the deli at the time of purchase. Add in some leafy greens provided by a convenient bag at the supermarket and I have a stable meal to push me further through the day.

I have done this with snacks and dinner as well. Once you find a few options you like and that are healthy just keep using them. You could have a different meal for each day of the week for variety but I find the fewer options, the better I can stick with my meal lifestyle.

I initially thought of food as something to enjoy and if I didn't eat the next offering I would be missing out. This is one reason I ballooned to 175kg. I've worked damn hard to drop under 100kg and I intend to stay that way.

Part of this is changing how I think about food. Realistically food is only required to fuel your body. Anything more is a waste. The human body needs relatively little food and you can find a minimal intake level unique to you. Not altering my lunch or dinner means I can ignore food easier as it becomes as trivial as breathing. I don't spend all day thinking about taking in oxygen but it occurs automatically. Food should be the same as much as possible.

Try having the same meal every day for two weeks and see how it alters how you think about food. You may even find you have lost some weight because of it.

Share your experiences in the comments.

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