Steady Progression

When competing I am always working for a submission. While BJJ competitions have a points system to determine a winner if there are no submissions, I don't rely on that to achieve victory.

Competitors relying on points to win, fail to understand the purpose of BJJ. It is meant to be a form of self-defence so a small guy can protect himself from a much larger one. Forcing them to submit or controlling them completely is the clear sign of victory.

In the video below my aim was to establish dominance and control my opponent at all times. Once in control I went from submission to submission, never giving him room to breathe and always on the offensive. While the clock ran out before I could sink in the submission, it is clear to anyone that sees that match as to the victor. So even though I won via the point system (22 to 0) there is no question in anyone's mind as to who dominated the fight. That is what every competitor should be working towards during the comp and for their training sessions.

Watching the video you should see that I work for dominance then progress to the next point of control based on my opponent's movements. This steady progress is what will get you in a position to finish the match.

In the following video (same opponent in a different division later in the day) you can see I repeat the process of gaining control before sinking in a submission (The Impaler). Competitors fail when they rush and try to jump on opportunities. It is just as important to leave options alone as to seize upon them. That wisdom will mark a true warrior.

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