The Fobah are a corruption that destroys anything in their path. Their very movement spews toxins and vile secretions that clog machines and pollutes the land. They are the apex predator on their homeworld and would easily take the same role on multiple other planets, including those with intelligent life. Thankfully their numbers are relatively small or their plague could devastate the AFS.


While the Fobah are intelligent they don't do much with it in terms of advancing technology. They prefer to live in clusters and are highly territorial and protect their chosen region with their natural capabilities. While they understand and can use projectile weapons, a Fobah is more likely to simply entwine and crush a foe in a tentacle, or slash with their murderous claws. Their clusters are led by those most capable of defending all members. This is usually someone with a combination of guile, cunning, combat prowess and wisdom. There is no ruling government and clusters align or merge for mutual benefit as occasions arise. The opportunity to expand their territory has been best served by aligning with the Vaq. Loyalty is paramount to the Fobah and if they make a bargain they will maintain it to the best of their ability.

Physical Appearance:

The Fobah are amphibious creatures that resemble a giant squid with ten long tentacles at its base and two shorter ones on its trunk. A hooked claw terminates each long tentacle that easily severs bone and can penetrate steel to around 5cm deep. The ends of the two smaller limbs may fork into two or three curled tendrils that can be used for finer motor control. Their head is fairly flat with mashed features barely recognisable as humanoid. Each breath pulsates the head like a ballon inflating and deflating, causing mucus bubbles to ooze out with each compression. The slender torso can be contracted or expanded for additional thrust in the water, or to gain a different perspective on land. Their creamy hued skin glistens when on land where it secrets a clear lubricant from its suckers to glide over rough surfaces. Whilst considerably faster in the water, the Fobah's ability to cling to almost any surface and scale any obstacle makes them an unrelenting hunter. A series of vents in their head can emit a high-pitched squeal when forcing air through them. The Fobah use this for communication underwater but on land it turns into an offensive weapon known to pierce eardrums if standing too close. Fobah stand around 2m tall on land but have a reach between 10m and 15m. They are physically quite dense and weigh anywhere from 250kg to 500kg. At full length from head to claw tip Fobah elders have been known to reach 30m long and weight a tonne.

Outcasts and Champions:

There are no live Fobah outcasts. Any Fobah born with defects that would be a burden on their cluster are terminated. Any Fobah that loses enough standing in their cluster to be cast out would likewise be terminated, and their body consumed by the rest of the cluster.

Champions always lead, and are always the most creatively brutal members of the species. They seem to take pride and pleasure in dreaming up new ways to torture and mutilate their enemies.

Interspecies Relations:

The Fobah do not have the capability of normal speech and communicate via whistles and screeches from the multiple vents in their heads. This makes interaction difficult with other races, though aquatic species can communicate in a clipped manner. The Fobah tolerate the other Vaq races and will work with them, however if they encroach on their territory or personal space the Fobah will defend aggressively. The very presence of a Fobah pollutes the oceans and sickens many sea creatures including the Shiuano, making relations virtually impossible.

Lands and resources:

Fobah lands are vile regions that only the strongest organisms can survive. As such they don't hold much value to non-Fobah. They make fantastic guardians if you don't mind their secretions covering whatever they are set to protect. With the Fobah versatility of rapid swimming and advanced mobility on land they offer the Vaq deadly scouts and hunters. Even if they do leave a trail behind, most people would prefer to avoid the area on fears of a giant squid dropping on them from above.

Religious Beliefs:

None. The Fobah scoff at other races that believe in a higher power, seeing it as a weakness to be exploited. They value proof of power and will follow those that wield it effectively.


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