Originally these were known as the Cleminca (Clem-in-cha). However their home world was cleft in twain over 100,000 years ago by what is popularly believed to be a meteor. Evidence is scarce for the truth, along with how the planet pieces maintained enough atmosphere for survival. The two pieces drifted apart and fell into an orbit around their central sun. Both pieces managed to maintain life and the species progressed separately, forever changing the Cleminca. Those living on the largest piece changed their name to Honace, meaning diminished. The people living on the smaller portion changed their name to Boava, meaning severed. Since then the Hornace primary purpose is to re-unite the broken planet.


The Honace will do anything necessary to rejoin their broken planet. They have survived a long time with limited water, and desperately desire the abundant waters of the Boava. Realising it is beyond their reach to mend the planet they have enlisted the aid of the Dral, who have agreed to help if the Honace join them in destroying the AFS. Obviously they agreed.

Physical Appearance:

The Honace are plant-like creatures in the general shape of a humanoid. Their harsh living conditions and lack of water has hardened their skins, and forced them to utilise body water efficiently. Their bodies are made of tightly packed, thick vines. Their limbs are usually two or three very think vines that entwine each other. They have no hands or feet, but instead control the individual vines in their limbs to manipulate intricate objects and walk on almost any surface. Their vital areas are encased in hard bark that is resistant to extreme heat. This bark is splotched around their bodies. The Honace develop needles on all their extremities during adolescence, which are used to store their water supply. At adulthood, around 15 earth years old, they can expel these needles at tremendous force, using them as weapons. Many Honace have developed poison sacks that are used to coat these needles. The poison acts as a mild paralysing agent. Most targets recover mobility in less than a minute, however being struck with hundreds of needles at once can make this permanent. Physically expelling that amount of needles however will greatly harm the Honace so it is used as a last resort.

The Honace do not have eyes, noses or ears. They perceive their surroundings via feeling the slightest fluctuations in the air and ground. They have a large opening at the centre of their head to ingest food, which consists largely of meat and soil. They drink water through their fingers and toes. Their colouring is usually a few different shades of the same colour; however the hues are dull, usually red, brown or grey. Their bark is either white, grey, brown or black. They range in height from 160cm to 220cm. Most range in weight from 35kg to 100kg, however they have a tendency to store large quantities of water, making them heavier. Some elders have been known to weigh as much as 5 tonnes. While they share many similarities to the Boava physically, they are genetically as different as a fruit tree and a cactus.

Interspecies Relations:

The Honace are only in the war to get help with rejoining with the Boava. They care little for other races, either in the AFS or the Vaq. They will be friendly towards anyone that helps their ultimate goal. In pursuit of this goal however they have made unforgivable atrocities. For ill or not, their future is tied with the rest of the Vaq.

Lands and resources:

The Honace’s chunk of rock lost most of its water supply in the “Division” and as such became a dry and arid land. The catalyst caused many fractures in the crust and mantle making earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur frequently. About 80% of the land is covered in deserts of volcanic ash, leaving few regions for crops. The remaining 20% however is filled with nutrient rich soil and any crops planted flourish with minimal water. The Honace have massive force fields around these areas, ensuring they remain intact, with sufficient water obtained from underground sources. They also have the most advanced heat shielding of any sentient race in the known universe, being strong enough to completely protect someone fully immersed in lava for around 30 minutes. They mainly provide engineers and heat shields to the enemy ranks, though do count as powerful soldiers.

Religious Beliefs:

They have abandoned all ties to religion, believing their former god to have done the same to them. All religious items have been extracted and materials re-purposed or destroyed. Any discussion of Clemin, the semi-sentient elemental spirit of the planet, is met with violence.

Enlisting Reasons:

The Honace have signed up with the Dral to provide the means to rejoin their planet. They will not go against their promise to the Vaq. An outcast may be persuaded to join the AFS for their own safety in extremely rare cases.

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