The Dral


Little is known about the workings of the Dral society. They are definitely a very old race that, according to some sources, was around since before the dinosaurs walked the Earth. They seem to be the galvanising force behind the Vaq. Information on this subject has been deemed classified. Further details can be discovered in The Keeper of Sin.


The Dral are very stern and appear to be constantly angered. They see other races as puppets to be played with and manipulated into providing the Dral with whatever they want. They are however loyal to their vassals and will protect them from harm to the best of their ability, which is considerable.

The Dral excel at physical and mental tasks. They have an eerie calm about them that makes any interaction favourable for them. They also are highly intelligent and calculating.

Physical Appearance:

The Dral have a vaguely humanoid body except that they have no legs. They hover about 150cm off the ground, approximately the same length of their missing legs suggesting they may have evolved to a point where they no longer need them. They have bony wings with jutting spikes and a thin membrane across it that appears in tatters. These don’t seem to be the cause of their flight however. The Dral are well muscled and have large claws at the end of their fingers. They have metal bands around their forearms that appear to be embedded into their flesh, and these are utilised for defence. They have thin, wispy hair coming from the base of their otherwise bald head, and continue down their neck and back. The Dral have two small horns protruding from their temples, as well as oversized incisors. They also have an odd birthmark across the face that generally runs from the cheek, under the eyes and joins at the bridge of the nose. This mark appears to be as unique as fingerprints. Their blood is a muddy sap-like substance that contains millions of subatomic creatures. These creatures move the blood around the body and clean impurities so the Dral do not require a heart or kidneys. This causes the blood to be quite toxic to others and has been seen eating through rock. Further knowledge, along with how this information was gleaned, is classified.

Racial Abilities:

The Dral appear to levitate across the ground. Their wings spread when gliding or gaining altitude however don't seem to provide any real lift. The Dral are considered extremophiles, having been witnessed in the nothingness of void space without any form of protection. Various members of the race have been reported as utilising all eight elements, breaking the previously thought rule of either Mind or Matter affinity per race. Individuals don't appear to be capable of using all eight however and reports suggest sticking to either Mind or Matter. Zero survivors from the rare encounters makes confirmation challenging.

Interspecies Relations:

As a whole the Dral appear to want the Earth decimated and humanity obliterated. They will not falter until either we are wiped out or they are. They see anyone that helps humans as the lowest form of scum and they also need eradication. The Dral oversee the Vaq’s war effort and thus treat all enemy races as either soldiers or cannon fodder. No AFS member race has met one of the Dral face to face and lived to tell the tale.

Lands and resources:

They live in Void space. Any other information is classified. Further details can be discovered in The Keeper of Sin.

Religious Beliefs:

Classified. Though it is theorised that the Dral see themselves as gods so there is no need for belief in a power higher than them.

Naming Conventions:

Classified. Further details can be discovered in The Keeper of Sin.

Enlisting Reasons:

No member of the Dral will ever enlist with the AFS. They are the progenitors of the Void War and the enemy of the AFS.

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