Full Name: Gyavelus Sybrus Height and weight: 181cm, 63kg (90kg for key events)
Age at 1st appearance: 15 cycles (35 at key event start) Role in story: Protagonist, POV character
1st appearance: The Elemental Progeny Gender: Male

Having grown up in an orphanage and taken to petty theft as a means of income, Velus had no real connections. He has no idea who his parents are or why they abandoned him. Kids came and went as they were adopted so he never felt like making a friend that would just leave anyway.

Once he was old enough to fend for himself, Velus took to the streets and pickpocketed from those he deemed wealthy. He never liked taking from others that couldn't afford it. Most of the time he would get enough coin for food but stay on the streets. Occasionally he cut a purse that would afford him a nice tavern room with a bath.

This lifestyle landed him in trouble as his latest theft target was found dead not long after Velus enjoyed some of the temporary wealth. This directly led to a life of slavery and spiralled into the events of The Elemental Progeny novel and the rest of the Gatekeeper Trilogy.



Disapointing others. Moths.  


Loyal, hard working, quick learner


Naive, sheltered life

Religious beliefs:

 None, though a passing knowledge of The Triumvirate.




Unusual talents:

 Heightened healing, elementalist.

Regular talents:

Blacksmith, decent apothacary skills, horse grooming, cook, slight of hand.

Bad habits:




Most comfortable in a simple tunic and breeches. Often adapts clothing to whatever style is in use on the planet he visits.


A scrawny kid that grew into a well muscled man from many cycles at the blacksmith forge. He is imposing but his warm smile alleviates much discomfort.

Find in bedroom:

Is always on the move so no single place to call his own. Travels light with a few items of personal significance.





Biological family unknown.

Best friend:

 Mordek, though doesn't care to admit it.

Social status:

Escaped slave on home planet. Unknown to much of the galaxy by design. 

Key relationships:

Yana, Ry, Lyc, Mason, Cestus. 

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