The Sesquitians are similar to the Unum and have no idea about life outside their planet. They are as technological as our own medieval era. They have several native beasts that resemble creatures from our own mythology such as Pegasi, which they refer to and use as horses. While their lands don't appear that rich in minerals, they share a remarkable trait with the Unum. The Sesquitians are the only race to master All Mind Elements at equal attunement. This is identical to the Unum's ability at All Matter Elements and as such S.I.N has decreed no direct contact is to be made with the Sesquitians. All missions to their home world must be done secretly and discreetly until further notice, under the threat of a court martial or worse. Refer to the Void War novel The Shroud of the Gods for more information on the Sesquitians.


Everything about their life revolves around the Twin Dragon Gods; a cruel and demanding pair. These dragons are emblazoned on everything, castle towers are topped by dragon heads, doors are carved to resemble an open dragon mouth and carts even appear as a dragon in flight. The richer the Sesquitian, the more they spend to ensure everything displays a dragon in some manner. Status within their religion is paramount. Local regions similar to a state are governed by a Qadir, which all report directly to the High Qadir in the capital of Yesta. The Sesquitians are a zealous dictatorship that serves their gods in fear.

Physical Appearance:

Sesquitians are generally stocky and well-tanned, but otherwise appear very human. Along with the Unum, they could blend into any human colony with ease. The scientific community are eager to determine how they can be so similar to us even though greatly removed from each other.

Racial Abilities:

Sesquitian life is dedicated to working for the betterment of their gods. Most people toil hard on the land to farm, mine and make goods that please their deities. They are used to taking orders and direction from superiors and have trouble thinking for themselves. They often take things at face value and don't get fazed when under pressure as long as they can continue serving their gods.

This is the only race currently known to have access to equal mastery of all four mind elements: Shadow; Light; Psychic and Voodoo.

Outcasts and Champions:

Outcasts are generally anyone that rejects the Twin Dragon Gods. Any deformity, mental or physical is seen as angering the gods and those afflicted have two choices: work tirelessly to appease the gods; or be sent to them asking for forgiveness. None have ever returned from the sending.

Champions are the religious leaders, which have great influence within society. They are all powerful elementalists. The process of being gifted by the Twin Dragon Gods greatly reduces the ability to procreate. The gods don't want their gifts passing to offspring. Champions are hard to kill, healing deep gashes in hours and broken bones in days. This ability also greatly lengthens their life span. The oldest are said to live around 300 years. This is another gift from their gods.

Interspecies Relations:

The Sesquitians do not like strangers. Unless you visibly have proof of your respect for the Dragon Gods, you will be turned away and ignored. There are some rebellious groups that accept any opposition to dragon devotion and will aid those willing to fight. These are small in number but are growing daily.

Lands and resources:

The Twin Dragons have eradicated a lot of the natural life on Sesqui. These creatures served no purpose in their worship and thus were destroyed. There are a few left scattered over the globe and they remain in hiding out of fear. The Sesquitians themselves know little about this and are content to serve their gods. Nearly all of the religious leaders (and there are a lot) are practitioners of All-Mind Elements, a feat not replicable in any other known species. This is a gift from their gods and all Sesquitians aspire to learn these skills as a sign of divine favour. Most of their resources are offered to the Twin Dragon Gods and the Sesquitians are left with only what they need to survive and to better serve their gods. This monthly tribute may account for the lack of large mineral deposits.

Religious Beliefs:

The Sesquitians have worshiped the Twin Dragons for several centuries and their entire culture is focussed on pleasing them. In ages past, it appears the dragons have physically visited the Sesquitians in times of war in an effort to convert enemies into their worship. In the last few years rebellious factions have surfaced to oppose the dominance of religion, possibly fuelled by the lack of dragon visitation for generations. Their efforts have been mostly insignificant but they are building their power base. A civil war may not be too far away.

Naming Conventions:

Children are not officially named until they reach adulthood at age 16. They are then named according to their chosen field. Military types receive names based on a dragon such as Drakon, Reptis, and Fangil. Craftsmen are named for what they make, eg Cestus, Bootis, and Wicker. Religious leaders are re-named after 6 years of study to a code that only they understand. Some rebels have taken to change their names as they see fit to shun normal practice. These names can practically be anything.

Enlisting Reasons:

As a race they know nothing of the war outside their planet. The rebels may want to enlist if they thought they would receive AFS help with their civil conflict. That aid would not be forthcoming however. S.I.N do maintain an interest in the planet and watch from a distance. Individuals may be recruited if they offer something significant to the Void War.

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