The Unum are a slightly more advanced version of our own medieval period. Their planet contains a large quantity of rare unmined ore that would be invaluable in the war effort. This fact doesn’t make them overly important however. The main reason they are mentioned is the fact they have the ability to manipulate elemental forces in a way we don’t understand. In essence, each practitioner has no opposing element. Some of their elements are weaker than others, but this only depends on the individuals’ focus. The Unum are the only known race that can access all Matter Elements equally. S.I.N has decreed that no contact is to be made with the Unum and all missions to their home world must be done secretly and discreetly until further notice. Refer to the Void War novel The Elemental Progeny for more information on the Unum. 


The Unum are a curious race and like to know as much as possible about their specific roles in the community. They are quite serious about laws, but that doesn’t stop people from breaking them. Slavery is seen as a punishment for the guilty, and the most heinous crimes are punishable by execution after hours, days or weeks of pain depending on crime severity. The elements are seen as expert level knowledge and something to be cautious of. This limits the practical applications in technology, but does ensure practitioners are in demand.

Physical Appearance:

The Unum appear very much as humans. Their pigmentation is darker and they are slightly taller than us. This brings into question previous relations with our ancestors. No link has been discovered to date.

Racial Abilities:

The only thing that sets the Unum apart from humans - and all other known lifeforms - is the ability to equally master the four matter elements: Earth; Air; Fire and Water.

Interspecies Relations:

They have no knowledge of the outside universe and thus treat all species according to their actions upon first meetings, and the individual temperament of the Unum.

Lands and resources:

The Unum’s home world is sparsely populated and has a wide variety of intelligent creatures. Some of these creatures perfectly match the descriptions of fantastic creatures from our own myths and legends, which also brings into question what contact may have occurred in eons past. Second to this is the vast supply of rare ore and minerals that can be mined. The remarkable thing is we can find almost any natural substance that is found on any AFS home world on Unum. It is the perfect mining location.

Religious Beliefs:

The Unum worship three gods as a triumvirate. Une is the more widely worshipped god of protection and warriors. He is believed to be the strongest and is closest to resembling Zeus or Odin from Earth. Uneia is the goddess of hunting and a well-known seductress. Women pray to her when wanting to find a partner and for courage. She is rarely depicted with clothing above the waist and always carries a weapon that differs by region. Unema is the least worshipped of the Triumvirate. Being the god of the afterlife most people don’t want to incur any bad omens from him, though almost everyone prays to him when loved ones are ill. Unlike many other multi-deity religions, the Unum Triumvirate works together as a cohesive whole instead of squabbling over power.

Naming Conventions:

They are as varied as our own names, however you won’t find many human names among the populace.

Male Names: Cedric, Dagmes, Esclos, Gyavelus, Hacon, Lycanad, Mika, Rhyam and Zidmmore.

Female Names: Colyana, Deria, Fielan, Jylin, Maentila, Nandis, Phiam, Tylda and Zeres

Enlisting Reasons:

The only reason they would enlist is if we contact an individual and ask them to join, or if they accidentally find out about the outside universe and join for their own safety.

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