Full Name: Dirgano Yex Height and weight: 180cm (eye level in chair), 220kg (outside of chair) 
Age at 1st appearance:  43 Role in story: Protagonist
1st appearance: The Shroud of the Gods Gender: Male


Yex loves to tinker and gather resources others discard as worthless. This allows him to get potentially great bargains and take his time building them up to working order. He is quite security conscious and sets many distractions and concealment techniques to make everyone believe his warehouses are worthless. Collecting derelict vehicles of all types is what brings Yex to the attention of Ry when he, Lyc and Yana require a new space faring vessel.

The deal goes sideways when the people hunting the trio catch up and Yex is forced to flee with the others or face death. As a Vigaj, Yex seeks any and all knowledge that could bring him closer to the Ultimate Evolution, the primary goal of his entire race. Yana's vendetta provides an avenue he hasn't investigated, so he joins the crew and is embroiled into the events of The Shroud of the Gods novel and the rest of the Gatekeeper Trilogy.



Intense fire, The Voodoo Element and the Reshadri.


Quick thinker, expert mechanical skills, inventor.


Physically weak, relies on drones, dogmatic in pursuit of The Ultimate Evolution (The UE).

Religious beliefs:

 The Ultimate Evolution is seen as the pursuit of perfection, sharing similar ideals as Buddhism.



Tinkering, inventing, gambling.

Unusual talents:

Mentant (Psychic Elementalist).

Regular talents:

Bargaining, advanced mechanical skills, piloting, charismatic.

Bad habits:

Can be blunt when chasing The UE.



A vest is the only clothing seen; everything else is hidden by his hover chair life support system.


Rolls of fat jiggling over each other, medical style tubing extracting and inputting various liquids.

Find in bedroom:

Has no need of a bed as his chair provides everything. Private quarters is for reflection. Does have computers running searches for bargains.





The Vigaj do not have typical families and reproduce in a manner unknown to the rest of the galaxy. All Vigaj are seen as one family.

Best friend:

His drones, though develops strong friendships with the other characters. 

Social status:

Keeps his life to the shadows so is unknown to the greater public. 

Key relationships:

Yana, Ry, Lyc, Mason, Ral.

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